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Woodside Results

March 4, 2012

This weekend a small contingent of Flying Horsecows represented Oberlin College at the prestigious Woodside Invite, an ultimate tournament attended by heavy hitters and D1 contenders such as the University of Maryland and Brandeis. Twelve of the team’s fiery, dedicated individuals and their coach, Shawn “MC” McCarthy, piled into two school vans on Friday afternoon and drove the ten hours to Carrollton, VA. This was not a tournament for the Horsecows to win; they were outnumbered, underrepresented, and playing teams out of their league. Instead, this was a tournament to learn. On the first day, the Horsecows lost their 4 games, losing handily to the ferocious University of Maryland and Yale teams but contesting Swarthmore and Wheaton to within 2 points. The Horsecows played their hearts out and were able to run with these competitive teams, putting points on them and making them work. On the second day the Horsecows won both of their games, shutting out Kettering College and putting down the hosts Woodside at the last point, with a 14-13 victory. The drive back may have been long, but the Horsecows were in high spirits.

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