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Evan “Magneto” Holliday

A mutant’s powers typically manifest themselves during the adolescent years, during a time of intense emotional or physical stress. The manifestation of the power, whatever it may be, serves as a kind of release from the build up tension and anxiety. Oftentimes the resulting outburst won’t serve any purpose, and may even make the situation worse. There are, however,  rare occasions where the powers will actually help the person overcome whatever is causing the tension. This is precisely what happened in the case of Mr. Evan “on holiday” Holliday.

Evan was one of the more quiet players on the flying horsecows. He was reserved, not shy, but he didn’t feel the need to speak out as much. He was a good player, but it was more skill related than pure athleticism, and his play reflected his personality; slow and methodical. While these qualities can be beneficial, they are also limiting, and maintaining that kind play style can be frustrating.

The day when everything changed was unique. Instead of a normal practice, the Horsecows were to scrimmage against a collection of guys from the club team Lake Effect. Perhaps it was the fact that they were playing on firelands, a foreign field quite unlike the pristine fields of the north, or maybe it was the highly increased athleticism of the opponents, but something triggered a response in Mr. Holliday.

He was marking someone much faster and more experienced than he was, and he was getting beaten hard. It was getting to point where he could not keep up.  There was nothing he could do. Then something snapped. There was another throw to his man that looked like it would be an easy completion, but from out of nowhere Evan comes flying in from the side to knock away the disc. It looked…unnatural, and indeed it was. He was drawn to the disc. His entire body being was pulled toward this small piece of plastic. He had landed hard on his side. His was head pounding, and all he could was lay there listening to the WubWubWubWub reverberating through his head. But he had gotten the disc.

After a time he got more used to his powers and made his playing look more “natural.” It got to the point where nobody even suspected his ability anymore, they merely thought he was “good at bidding.” And of course he was good at bidding, but it’s pretty hard not to be when your name is Magneto.

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