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James “Peaches” Francis

Hailing from New York (state), James started from humble beginnings, playing casual games during middle school recess. A child no longer, he went on to join his high school’s team, The Eagles. It was here that he gained his skills and eventually earned his name: Peaches. Little did James know, the name would come to define him … and make him into a legend. The stories say that in a single afternoon, Peaches ate 100 peaches, pits and all. No one knows why  o_O

James joined the Cows freshman year and plans to make his mark as he soars with the Flying Horsecows as he once did with Eagles.

Other than Ultimate, James enjoys long walks, talking to animals, and cheesy sci-fi.

Also goes by: Jay, Eyeball 69, or Batman

No relation to James of the Giant Peach

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