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Alex “Bubbles” Kapiamba

I am called Bubbles, but inaccurately. In truth, I am Phantasmagorkus, magus of another time, lost in this time. My powers are gone, but I have begun the steady and arduous process of mastering the magic of this time. The magic that was once the glue between the layers of reality has been replaced by a thin and convoluted layer of numbers and symbols. I will make sense of this layer and I will defy it.All ready my powers have grown to a point that I can get up and above all who oppose me. Even my hair defies this world’s supposed “logic,” a sadly self-assured term for a thing no more assured than the color of our palms. Some day, I will know the motions of discs before they begin their autonomous movement and then. Then. Then I will be king of this earth and the strands of my hair will stand like skyscrapers of evil, ripping and destroying the linens of this fragile reality.

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